Why Showable Exists

Most of my working life I have worked in the retail sector, for the last 6 years, I have been working at an executive level and adviser for start-ups and small retailers.

Business failures suck!

As some of my clients appeared to struggle a lot more then others, I started trying to find out what the more successful owners were doing compared to the less successful. I noticed common patterns and mistakes that most owners and managers were making.

These are the most common causes that lead to failure. I have scaled the images according to what I perceived to be the more common problems, with Market Problems, Cash Flow, and Burnout being the top three.

Often with some forward planning combined with the right tools and support all of these problems can be managed and overcome. In the case of market problems; with some research and product testing, before you invest too much, you can quickly identify if there is a large enough market and what your marketing approach should be.

The Catch 22

I started testing out different solutions and idea’s mostly focused around merchandising and communication. However, as my clients implemented my suggestions and started seeing returns they would change focus on processing orders and gradually had less time to produce content and respond to enquiries. Because of that change of focus, and lack of marketing the sales would eventually decrease. As a result their business never is unable to grow like a car stuck in the mud, the wheels are turning but the car is going nowhere. Eventually, the client loses interest or physically burns out.

Catch 22

Typical workflow of a small retailer:

Typical Retailer

Most people start a part-time business, with the dream and ultimate goal that it will enhance their lifestyle but all too often the business consumes their free time and has a negative impact on other commitments and relationships.

Brake the cycle!

One evening I was sharing my experiences with a friend and together we came up with the basic idea that later became Showable.

We wanted to build a trading platform designed to support small retailers. It had to address as many of the common problems as possible, and enable small retailers to focus on the business-building activities and free them from the manual and time-consuming tasks that prevent them from achieving their dreams.

The core services that Showable will offer are:

Order Fulfilment Centre – Taking care of the manual time-consuming tasks
Live Customer Support – Delivering world-class customer service on your behalf
Marketing Support – A system designed to lavage of the whole network
Professional Partnership Programme – Discounts on reliable professional services
Knowledge Base – Members-only online resources library, and training webinars.

A Quick Overview

The majority of first-time entrepreneurs, start out with a great idea but often lack the knowledge, financial capital, and human resources required to effectively grow a sustainable profitable company.

This means it is up to the founder to do as much as possible by themselves and try to trade themselves into a better position.

If your products have even a modest demand you’ll soon find yourself busy with manual time-consuming tasks unable to focus on content creation or developing relationships with your customers.

The other problem is finding customers in the first place. Unless you have a marketing background and the finance to advertise or are lucky enough to be able to leverage off an established brand, finding the right audience and encouraging repeat customers can be a difficult task.

Work on your business, not in it.

We’ve designed Showable to take care of the most time-consuming tasks to free you up so you can concentrate on the more valuable activities that drive growth.

Showable is not just another online marketplace. Our order fulfilment centre and the live customer support service are the backbone of our platform. By sharing the cost of labour, and services with other retailers it suddenly becomes affordable to get the help you need.

We also provide the basic essential marketing tools so you can capture the contact information form your customers to make it easier to remind them you exist when they are due to reorder, or when important retail events are coming up, such as mothers day.

Let’s work together to grow a vibrant, sustainable business, and deliver the lifestyle you hoped for.

Alax Robinson
CEO – Founder

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