Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Most of us start our businesses with very little financial capital so it can be a bit of a juggling act deciding how to prioritise your spending. If you are bootstrapping a wrong decision can paralyse your business so it’s critically important to have a good inventory, keep debits as low as possible, and invest in retail platforms that give you a clear return on investment.

How Showable Can Help

We’ve designed the Showable platform especially with the small retailer in mind, so we do things a little differently to ensure our pricing structure, payment terms, and sales claims are fair and generally more affordable. With the additional Branding and Marketing Support assuming you utilise them well, should see a boost to your customer data base and more repeat purchases.

We want you to have the best chance of success and to do that you need to deliver the best possible customer experience, and be building your potential customer data base to drive repeat sales, and growth.

Pricing Structure

By combining resources and utilising some clever technology, the costs of labour, warehousing, distribution, software, promotion and marketing are shared across all the Showable retailers. This means you get to access a premium service that will let you compete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay if you did any of this on your own. Read more about Products and Services

And to make it even easier we’ve bounded together three packages, with a low cost option. you can add on any services that you want or need that are not included in your package, so you’re only paying for what you’re going to use. See Plans and Pricing

Payment Terms

Once you’ve selected your plan and any extra’s you want. Simply pay for a minimum of two weeks in advance and a small set-up fee and after that you can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Because of the amount of work put in to create your website and online stores a minimum commitment of 6 months is required.

Faster Payouts

We process sales claims every two weeks, because having to wait more then a month to get your profit in the bank is to long for many. Also if there is a dispute a small delay in a two week cycle will have much less impact.

Sales claims include a report of all sales made and from what platform, transaction fees payable, and details of any product returns, exchanges and refunds. Transaction fees are deducted, along with any service fees that are overdue and the balance is paid directly into your nominated bank account.

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