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Live Customer Service Centre

Reputation is everything! Delivering an excellent customer experience is the heart of retail because without customers you don’t have a business. One positive review has a potential worth of one thousand dollars, as it will validate your marketing, and this will help create a sense of trust and loyalty toward your brand. 

Because of this we have created a fully integrated customer management platform and offer this live virtual customer service to all members as standard across all plans.

We Never Sleep

Because the internet is available all the time, your shop will never close, but the same goes for your competitors. Gone are the days when shoppers expect to wait till you open for a reply, these days if a customer can’t get an instant response they will not wait, they’ll just search for a similar product elsewhere and will just buy from your competitor instead.

We provide live support from 8 am till late, and employ the use of artificial intelligence, and self-help guides to make sure customers can easily search for the answers they may be looking for. anytime. If we get a question we haven’t yet got an answer for we will find out the correct response and it to the database so next time it’s covered.

The Basics

You will receive:

  • Live chat on your Showable hosted website.
  • Either a local or toll-free phone number (Depending on the plan or upgrade selected).
  • Our Call Centre will answer all calls to your phone number allocated by Showable with your business name.
  • Monitor and respond from at least one of your business email addresses on your behalf.

As much as possible the call centre team will answer all customer enquires on your behalf. Every customer contact will generate a “ticket” (job number) you will receive a copy of all tickets related to your business and products.

If someone calls in specifically wanting to talk to you, or we can’t answer a customer’s question you will receive a callback request via email.

Profiles will be created for every customer. We will bring together data from all parts of your business including inventory, billing, shopping history, and preferences. Because the more we know about your customers, the easier it is to deliver exactly what they want and make sure they keep coming back.

Customer Service Centre

Nurture and Grow your Audience.

Good customer service requires a human touch, so while we use a little bit of programming and AI to make sure your customer is directed to the right information there is always a friendly person keeping an eye on things ready to jump in to deliver that personal touch and build trust so your customer feels comfortable buying your products.

The Customer Support Team will routinely collect and update personal contact details from all potential customers who contact us if they ask about your business or one of your products they will be subscribed to your marketing database unless they have declined to receive marketing information.

Over time we will be able to retrieve analytics from your customer profiles so you can target your content to be more relevant to the people who are actually buying from you. Targeted relevant content will yield significantly greater returns and more positive interactions.

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