Fulfilling Orders

Why you need a fulfilment service

For most small retailers, (especially if you also have a full-time job) find customer service and order fulfilment can often be the most time consuming and manual activities in your business.

When you start gaining traction and have a degree of success these tasks can take your attention away from your business building tasks such as networking and marketing.

The cost of hiring staff and all the legal compliance that comes with that can be a major roadblock to finally grow your business to a point where it is scalable and able to grow.

Conventional fulfilment centres currently available are very expensive for anyone with less than 500 orders per month. To avoid working with small retailers and start-ups most charge the same rate for one order as they do for 500 orders.

Showable has been designed specifically to cater to small retailers and start-ups to put you in a position where you can grow. You need to have a robust system for dealing with customer inquiries, and processing orders in a timely fashion. When people are in the mood to shop they often won’t wait if they can’t get the support or answers they are looking for quickly they’ll go buy from someone else. We can process and ship most orders on the same day, and express ship so the order arrives within two business days to any metropolitan centre within Australia.

How it works

  1. The Retailer manufacturers or imports products they want to sell.
  2. Send the products to the Showable Warehouse.
  3. Showable carefully check products and load inventory into the system.
  4. Products are exhibited on multiple platforms, with inventory synced.
  5. As customers place orders, the Showable team pick, pack, and priority ship to the delivery address.
  6. Sales claims are processed according to your selected plan, and profits are paid directly to your nominated bank account.
  7. The whole system is backed up by our 24/7 Live Customer Support, who will deal with all enquires, helping place orders, tracking requests, complaints, and returns on your behalf.

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