Marketing is crucial for your business, and will determine your chances of success or failure.

There are two sides of marketing;

1) Research & Planning. Market problems such as not understanding the demand for your product, demographics for your ideal customer, and market conditions, is the number one reason given for business failures. It takes time and dedication to complete a marketing plan but not doing this early on is a costly mistake. If you don’t have a marketing plan, use our simple marketing plan checklist.

2) The fun bit, Getting your brand out in the big wide world, chasing new customers, and more importantly keeping them buying from you. In our experience, many businesses are not marketing effectively.

Marketing Reviews

Our Showable Business Advisers will aim to meet with you at least once every six months to do a business and marketing review. Together you will go over:

  • Branding – How do you want your products promoted? What is your positioning statement? What is your point of difference? If you’re new to this check out our branding checklist.
  • Logo Design – Is your logo supporting your branding and getting the message across?
  • Marketing Plan – It doesn’t matter how comprehensive your research and planning is. but we need to see something so we know how best to support you.
  • Social Media – A quick glance over your socials. We do this to see how you’re communicating and presenting your brand we may make a few suggestions and refer you to a professional service if required.
  • Website – A quick review of your website and suggestions to improve. Every Showable client gets a website and domain name included in your package. You don’t have to use it but we can provide more features if you do.
  • Packaging Review – Is your packaging suitable for parcel post?, Does it support your branding? Can it be used for physical retail opportunities such as market stalls and brick and mortar (if relevant)?
  • Sales Channels – All the ways people buy your products currently, and what you have planned for the future.
  • Digital Marketing – Do you do any paid advertising such as Google Ad-words or paid social media? Are you getting the most out of it?
  • Customer Database – Do you have one? How are you utilising it? How many repeat customers do you have? How many orders on average do you process each week?
  • Email Marketing – A quick review of some of your content, and how you’re getting new subscribers.
  • Sales volume and return on Investment – Are you getting a return from the services you pay for.
  • How Showable can help.
  • Anything else that maybe relevant

We only allow for one-hour meetings, so we ask that you have as much of the information ready before your meeting. These reviews are intended to be used as a guide only.

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The Essentials are Included!

Because marketing is so critical we wanted to give you a few essential tools and create some unique way to help you get exposure and build your audience. You will receive the following:

Custom Website

A website is like a home base for every business – from there, potential customers can find out more about you and your products, and you can guide them to your marketing channels and collect their contact information.

If you require something more advanced this can be arranged with one of our graphic designers as an extra to your plan.

We will secure a domain name for you or you can transfer your existing web address if you have one.

We will set up an email client for you and give you instructions to add it to your favourite e-mail service such as outlook.

Turbo-charged E-mail Marketing

E-mail is still the most effective way to reach your followers and current customers even more so if you provide high-value content.

However, even an occasional e-mail before major retail events is an easy way to drive up repeat business and remind people you exist.

Community-powered Audience Building

With Showable’s email subscription service, when someone subscribes to your email list, they will also be added to the Showable Marketplace list automatically unless they opt-out.

This means every business is growing the audience base for everyone, we feature all-new brands when they first join and include featured regular promotions in all Premium & Growth plans. However, we are always on the lookout for content so if you have some exciting news or something to share let us know if we agree we’ll pop it in the next relevant email.

Growth by Design

We want to build your audience with you, so when anyone contacts our customer support by email, phone, or live chat they will first be asked to provide some basic information to create a customer profile, next time they contact us this profile will automatically be made available to the operator.

As part of the profile creation, they will be asked if they would like to receive marketing information from Showable and our participating brands. When they say yes they will be subscribed to the Showable Marketplace list, as well as any brand they enquire about.

In addition when a customer purchases a product regardless of what platform or how many different brands in their order when they come through to the Showable order and payment portal they will be offered the chance to subscribe to any of the brand’s contact lists they have selected by clicking the marketing opt-in box.

Turn Every Sale & Event into a Marketing Opportunity.

The people most likely to buy your products are people who already love them!

If you want to create a growing high-value business your first goal should always be to try to get a customer’s’ contact details first and make a sale second. This way you have a potential customer for life, rather than a one-off sale.

We have a subscriber app. Simply install it on a smartphone or tablet and take it with you to your next market day, pop-up shop, expo, or another event.

Give people a reason to subscribe on the spot. The most effective is an instant discount on today’s purchase or something extra as a thank you. Competitions are also a fun and effective way to entice new subscribers.

Always have a backup plan, the app is the easiest and fastest way to get subscribers however technology can go wrong.

Something as simple as a fishbowl, with an entry pad, is an effective way to gather contact information. You will need to enter the data into a spread-sheet and upload your new subscribers manually.

Also, have your contact details on everything you sell or print so people can subscribe in their own time.

Looking for Professional Help?

We all need a bit of professional help from time to time our Professional Partnership Programme is there to help you out, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for let one of our business advisers know and we’ll do our best to introduce you to the right people.

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