Time Management

Use Your Time Better

“Time is what we want most,but what we use worst.” 

― William Penn

If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself with so many tasks to do that you’re struggling to get everything done in a day.

Many small business owners find themselves in this same situation, and if your retail business has any degree of success you’ll find yourself constantly juggling new enquires, processing orders, managing stock levels, making sure you don’t lose momentum with your marketing, and more then likely working a full-time job. It doesn’t take long until you find yourself always working and neglecting your relationships and leisure time.

The Success Catch 22

This is what happens to most start-ups and small businesses. You start out with plenty of time, so you look for low-cost ways to market yourself and chase sales perhaps attending markets, or doing “pop-up” shops in various locations

With success comes a shift in priorities.  Your marketing focus moves to production.  But neglecting marketing could halt growth and see your business stagnate.

Catch 22

The only way to break this cycle is to hire someone else to complete the manual tasks for you.

Hiring staff is a huge commitment and if your sales cycles are unpredictable you may find yourself paying wages when there is not enough cash-flow, that has the potential to make your problems worse.

Outsourcing is the Secret

We created the Showable platform exactly for people like yourself. Burnout and lack of cash-flow are two of the leading causes of business failure and are entirely avoidable with a bit of planning.

The best person to market and grow your business is you! If you want to grow your business and make more sales it’s incredibly important that you don’t let your marketing and product development actives slip.

Showable is a complete retail support service. Our Fulfilment Centre will take care of all the manual tasks such as processing and shipping orders. Our Customer Support Team will take care of most enquires, complaints, and returns on your behalf so you can focus on the import things.

Just imagine never having to store, pack and send another order, and have almost all customer enquires handled for you.

We’ll also give you access to marketing tools, the members-only online resources library, and training webinars.

We are also building a Professional Partnership Programme, so when you need professional support and specialised advice you have the contacts at your fingertips. Our partners also offer free consultations and/or discounts on the cost of their services so you can save time and money.

For most, the cost of all this is less than a single days’ wages each month.

Don’t waste another second! Book a meeting with a Showable Business Adviser now.

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