Training and Development

Training and Development

It’s pretty hard to know everything you might be expected to know, especially when you take on a new platform or just generally when you have a small team, or doing anything new that you may not have formal training for.

Knowledge Base

A member’s only searchable library with everything from platform-specific how-to-guides to links to highly recommended online products, services, and e-books. Members will be able to submit content and recommended things they have discovered online and found helpful, and we’ll build this knowledge base up over time.

Training Webinars

Each week we plan to host three online group video calls, that you will be welcome to register for and attend live. Every call will be recorded and a link sent to all registered participants so if you either miss the call or want to review something we talked about you can do so easily in time convenient to you.

  1. The first session will be the introduction of Showable to anyone interested in the platform. Especially useful for anyone who can’t practically meet with a Business Adviser in person, or if you have someone who wants to share the platform with.
  2. Second Session, a platform-specific induction. This will consist of a walkthrough of all the key features you will have access to and a crash course on how to use them. We’ll explain what we do behind the scenes for you, and how things such as sales claims will work and what to do if you need help for any reason.
  3. Third Session, a general business training session, hosted by Showable and presented by a guest speaker who is an expert in their chosen field. Topics will include, Useful business hacks, Accounting basics, Q & A sessions on important or interesting topics and much more.

The best of these presentations will also be posted to our YouTube channel so you can track them down and share them easily.

Supporting Hand

Showable Business Advisers – We are about building people and their businesses, so we don’t have a sales team at Showable because we’re not here to sell you products and services you don’t need. Our business advisers are here to give you general advise and point you in the right direction. If together the Showable platform is going to genuinely add value to your business and improve your business model then, of course, we’re going to recommend you come on board and if you’re not ready or the platform is not a good fit for some reason then we’ll make other recommendations. Your assigned advisor is available for general support and they are here to advocate for you if you need support getting your point of view across or feel something is not quite right. They will be expected to make contact with you at the very least every six months to review how you are using Showable and help you maximize the platform and your marketing to get the most out of the platform.

Professional Partnership Programme – We can not provide every service your business will require but we want to help you find the professional help you will need from time to time, and negotiate the best possible deals for our members. We will only accept businesses that we believe are credible and have a good reputation. The services offered in the Partner Programme will include, Accounting, formal Business Catching, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Packaging Services, Printing Services, and more.

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